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Dewsbury and Spen Pool League

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Registration Forms for 2018 Season

Author: Peter G, 17/01/18

Only 11 Adequate (or better) Registration Forms received so far

Please don't assume that lest season's player registrations will automatically be carried forward to this season even if the League Republic website does this.

I have received usable Reg. Forms from:-

Brighton Street WMC Beer Pressure, Halfway House Hornets, Junction Rebels, Moorland A & B, Morton House C & I Wednesday, Old Bank WMC, Soothill WMC, Station Steamers, Vaults Jokers & Westgate 23.

Every team has received at least one Reg. Form & most of you have had 2. Please complete & return one as soon as possible if you haven't already done so - do not wait till the next meeting. Use regular post or email rather than mobile 'phone images, as I am unable to download & print the latter.

Best regards,


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