Dewsbury and Spen Pool League

Dewsbury and Spen Pool League

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Draw for First Round of Team KO

Author: Peter G, 04/01/18

Matches are to be played on Wednesday 10.01.18 (NB Some rules were altered at the AGM)

                                             Black Horse  v  D & S Aces

                                         Priestley’s Bar  v  Bulls Head Aces

                                    D & S Underdogs  v  Birstall Trades SC

                                         Six Lane Ends  v  Hightown B

                                                  Old Bank  v  Hightown A

                                                           Bye  v  Vaults Jokers

                                         Ravenswharfe  v  Halfway House Hornets

                                             Westgate 23  v  Junction Rebels

                                           Soothill WMC  v  Soothill Nomads

            Morton House C & I Wednesday  v  Moorland A

                                Punch Bowl Pitbulls  v  Wike Horse Wizards

                                                    Poacher  v  D & S Gingoists

                                               Moorland B  v  Brighton Street WMC A

                                                            Bye  v  Station Steamers

                                            Gomersal CC  v  Lonsdale Lions

                            BSWMC Beer Pressure  v  Bulls Head B

Matches can be played to World, Blackball or Old EPA Rules, with the default position being Old EPA Rules. Matches are 12 games, first to 7 games wins. If the score reaches 6-all the match will be decided by a penalty shootout.

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